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What Are Some Advantages of Buying a Rolex on the Grey Market?

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Daytona Cosmograph Men's Watch
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Daytona Cosmograph Ref: 116500LN

The demand for Rolex Watches has grown exponentially in recent years. New Rolex’s are hard to come by with some models requiring a wait time of more than three years at authorized Rolex dealers. The clear imbalance between the available supply and the extreme demand has generated a lot of interest in the secondary market for Rolexes, the Rolex grey market. Should you buy a Rolex there? Read on to see why that might be a good idea.

What is the Rolex Grey Market?

Have you ever bought a pre-owned car? Have you ever bought a back issue of a comic book? Have you ever bought vintage clothing? All of these secondary markets are ways for people to buy and sell items one step away from the directly authorized markets of new car dealerships, first run comic book stores and department stores and clothing boutiques. All of these things are grey markets. It’s a terrible term to use because it suggests similarity to a black market and there is no similarity at all. The grey market is just a marketplace for people to sell items they own. When the items are Rolexes, it’s the Rolex grey market.

The Rolex Grey Market Will Save You Money

Although you won’t find savings with the newest models, the market for vintage Rolexes is quite competitive, meaning sellers will compete for your business, resulting in lower prices for you. In addition, most pre-owned Rolex sellers have other businesses, meaning you can influence the price of your Rolex by bundling it with other purchases such as jewelry or other luxury goods.

The Rolex Grey Market Bypasses Wait Times

Ultimately, you can find a Rolex with a multi-year wait time in the grey market. The demand is so high that the moment someone buys it at retail price, they can make an immediate profit selling it. This means buyers in the grey market pick up Submariners, Oyster Perpetuals, GMT-Masters and other high demand models that you can’t get from an authorized dealer without a long wait. Be advised that in this case, you won’t pay less than retail but will pay substantially more.

The Rolex Grey Market Is Immense

Want a Rolex with a Swiss Only dial? Want an original turn-o-graph? Want a Rolex Hulk? No matter your desire, you can likely find it. You can also go to a trustworthy pre-owned Rolex dealer who will more than likely be very happy to find it for you. In Rolex’s century-long history, there are wonderful watches you’ll never find at an authorized dealer.

When you’re ready to buy a Rolex, the secondary market (isn’t that a nicer name?) is a good option. Just make sure when you buy on the grey market that you buy from a reputable pre-owned Rolex seller. You can have an iconic luxury watch on your wrist more easily and more affordably than you think.


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