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Trade Jewelry

Image by Anthony Calandrelli

Would you like to trade jewelry in San Diego for something else?  Perhaps you’ve inherited something that doesn’t fit your sense of style but nonetheless has value.  Perhaps your financial circumstances have changed since you first purchased an engagement ring or another item of jewelry and you’d like to upgrade it.  With an ever growing inventory of pre-owned jewelry, Bert Levi Family Jewelers is always on the lookout for items and we’d be glad to see if you could trade something in for something you might like.

Trade Jewelry to Reduce the Cost of New Items

Something that might not work for you anymore (if ever) may nonetheless fit the sense of style or the tastes of a new owner so that we will be able to let you trade jewelry for credit against something you’ll like.  Perhaps you have a beautiful sapphire ring but you’d much prefer a diamond ring.  Perhaps you have something in yellow gold but would like something in platinum or white gold.  Whatever you’d like, when you bring your jewelry to us and let us know you’d like to trade it for something else, we’ll give you a fair deal.

Trade Jewelry to Breathe New Life into Old Items

You know that when you trade jewelry with us you don’t need to trade the entire item, right?  Oftentimes, customers bring a diamond ring just to exchange a diamond for a different diamond.  This is especially true when financial circumstances now are different when they were when the first diamond was purchased and a brighter or larger diamond is desired.  You may want to trade in the semi-mount and keep the same diamond!  However we can help, we’re committed to treating you fairly and with the best possible customer service.

Free Verbal Appraisals When You Trade Jewelry

One of our GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals will be happy to take a look at the jewelry you would like to trade and give you our opinion of its value.  There won’t be any pressure.  We’ll take into account market value, materials, and other costs and we’ll do all we can to ensure you understand how we arrive at the value we reach.  From there, we’ll let you know how much you can expect to have as trade-in value and we’ll help you choose something else.  Of course, if you’d rather not trade your items once you understand the value, we’ll treat you with the same friendliness as before!

We’re a third generation jeweler, and we’ve been buying jewelry and taking jewelry in trade for years.  In fact, we acquire thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry every single week.  If you would like to trade jewelry in San Diego, let us help.  Drop by our conveniently located Hillcrest San Diego showroom and let us help you exchange something that doesn’t fit for something that does.  Come see us.  You’ll be glad you did.

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