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Rolex Services

Image by John Torcasio

Come to Us for All Your Rolex Services Needs

When you bought your Rolex, you made a substantial investment. Don’t let a situation arise where you don’t get the most out of it!  Whether your Rolex needs cleaning, repair, or even customization, we can help with reliable rolex services. We’re a third generation jeweler with years of experience. Whether you want to see your Rolex Yacht Master shine again or if you need to replace a link on you Oysterlock bracelet, there’s one jeweler countless San Diegans already know can trust, Bert Levi Family Jewelers.

Rolex Repair Services

Here is a partial listing of repairs we perform here, repairs that will help your Rolex keep performing with the level of accuracy that makes the fine watch a legend in the timekeeping world. Please keep in mind that sometimes work on a Rolex can void the manufacturer’s warranty. Making sure you know that is important to us because although we’re absolutely confident in our ability to make Rolexes perform at peak capacity, you deserve to be fully informed.

  • Bands / Straps Replacement and Repair

  • Battery Replacement

  • Crystal Replacement

  • Overhaul and Complete Restoration

  • Quartz Conversion

  • Seals / Gaskets / Bezel / Case

  • Stem & Crown

  • Tune Up/ Movement Calibration

  • Cleaning / Polishing / Resurfacing

Rolexes Can Dazzle on Your Wrist

In addition to repair services, we can clean and polish your fine timepiece to ensure the case, bezel, bracelet, and dial look beautiful. In addition, we offer a number of customization services from adding gems and aftermarket bezels to changing the style of the bracelet. The possibilities are endless but you can be sure that you can have a watch on your wrist that is absolutely unique and wonderful.

A Name You Can Trust with Your Rolex

We’re a small family business. That means something to us. It means we do everything we can to treat our customers like family. See, we’re not in this business to make a quick buck. We wouldn’t want our family members to be disappointed so we won’t disappoint you. With our expertise and our commitment to quality, we’ve built a reputation that matters to us. Bring your Rolex to us, and you can be sure we’ll treat you right.


We’re conveniently located downtown in the Gaslamp District, and one of our GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals would be happy to help you get started. Stop by our showroom and let us help make your watch exactly what it ought to be. We’re eager to help, and you’ll be glad you dropped by.

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