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Jewelry Layaway

Image by Fallon Michael

At Bert Levi Family Jewelers, we love when customers have the opportunity to own something beautiful and elegant and we’re especially excited to offer a layaway program for jewelry so that customers need not get into debt to get exactly what they want.  We’ve handled layaways for engagement rings, layaways for wedding bands, and layaways for jewelry gifts.  If you’re looking to make a jewelry purchase and you want to make it fit comfortably in your budget why not drop by and open a layaway with us?

Jewelry Layaway Flexibility

Although we recommend you put twenty percent down when you open a layaway, we’re very flexible and ready to work with you so that your budget isn’t strained.  In addition, although we’d like to see you make a payment every few weeks, we’re flexible with that as well.  As far as we’re concerned, our jewelry layaway program is intended to help you buy something you’ll love without causing undue financial stress or worry.

Avoid Debt Pitfalls with Jewelry Layaway

Although we believe our store credit program is one of the best out there, even the very best jewelry financing and credit programs is still fairly oppressive.  We don’t like the interest rates the financing institutions charge and we always prefer to help our customers purchase without going into debt.  The layaway program allows you to make payments without interest and then pick up your purchase once you’ve paid for it.  Even if you do use the credit, doing so after you’d made layaway payments means your debt will be smaller!

Modify Your Layaway as You Go!

Because most of our jewelry is designed and manufactured to order, we’ll be able to make modifications all the way to about a month before you’re ready to pick up.  That means if you come up with a brilliant idea four months into making payments, you won’t just have to start over.  We believe our jewelry layaway program is the most customer-centric and flexible layaway available today.


If you would like to buy jewelry on layaway, we’d like to help.  We’re conveniently located Hillcrest San Diego so drop by and let one of our GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals help you get started on the purchase of a beautiful piece of jewelry without the debt.

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