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Two Reasons to Buy on the Rolex Grey Market

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Men's Watch
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Ref: 16613

If you’ve been looking for a Rolex, you’re probably very frustrated. Right now, the demand is very high and Rolex has no intentions of increasing production at the risk of failing to maintain their exacting quality standards. As a result, getting a number of popular models is near to impossible without very long waits on waitlists usually arranged by how much an authorized dealer likes you rather than your place in line. As a result, many have turned to the Rolex secondary market, the pre-owned market, the market very inappropriately called the grey market. Should you buy a Rolex that way? Here are good reasons to consider it.

Buying on the Grey Market Might Be the Only Way to Get the Watch You Want

Rolex produces a very small number of watches every year compared to the growing demand. Why is that? It’s simple. Rolex believes if it increases production, quality will suffer and the brand that has built over the course of a century will suffer as well. They’re understandably not willing to do that. Rolex has always been in very high demand but today there is dramatic demand for newer models, which in the past were typically available only from authorized Rolex dealers. As a result, authorized dealers have far more customers who want watches than they have watches available to sell. If, for example, you want a new stainless steel Rolex Submariner, you might have to wait three years or more, and that’s just if you’re lucky enough to get on the waitlist in the first place. You can buy the watch you want and bypass the waitlist. You’ll pay a premium because pre-owned Rolex dealers aren’t required to sell at or close to the suggested retail price. But you can get your watch.

Buying on the Grey Market Can Give You Great Deals

Although today, there are numerous examples of models selling far above retail price on the secondary market, that isn’t the case with all models. In addition, you can get vintage models on the secondary market unavailable at authorized Rolex dealers’ stores. If you want a beautiful watch you won’t even find in production anymore, the secondary market is your place. Since these watches are driven by supply and demand, the pricing is set by the marketplace. As the focus right now is inordinately placed on brand new models, these vintage watches are often available at a great price. In addition, sellers on the secondary market are likely to be willing to negotiate with you.

If you want a Rolex on your wrist, the secondary market is a good place to get one. Make sure you find a pre-owned Rolex Dealer you can trust and then enjoy your luxury watch.


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