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The Jubilee Bracelet

Updated: May 6, 2022

Rolex Jubilee Bracelet
Rolex Jubilee Bracelet

Although the Rolex is known for making classic watches, that doesn’t mean they aren’t constantly innovating for the next new style and during one of those many innovations they struck on an all-time favorite look to snuggle against your wrist.

Introduced back in 1945, Rolex pushed out, hot off its presses, one of its immediate classic models: the Datejust. It was stylish, it was refined and it was an instant hit. It was this watch that debuted for the first time a heartbreaker of a bracelet that would come to be known as the Jubilee bracelet.

The Jubilee bracelet, the name perfectly fit it. It was an all-new sleek take that had the ability to be a perfect accompaniment to just about any watch style. Unlike its sister style the Oyster bracelet, which was composed of a single row of highly polished broad center links, the Jubilee bracelet is composed of three separate lines of highly polished links. On the sides, cushioning the center with a nice lining, are narrower brushed finished links that make the center links truly stand out.

This allowed for duel tone styles to really shine in a new manner, as well as creating new gold on gold, silver on silver, looks that had a fresh view and look. Old finishes and new finishes alike look absolutely stunning in Rolex’s latest success story.

But by far the most popular finish type for the Jubilee bracelet was the Bark finish. Perhaps it’s because that muted gold along the edges have such a stately appearance or maybe it’s that in its rustic appeal, the rough ‘bark’ like finish in the center links that give the finish its name, an excellent balance was struck between the kingly and the everyday. Either way, a Jubilee bracelet with a bark finish has become a favorite and cherished pairing and it’s hard to argue against.

Of course, as with many other types of Rolex watchbands, finding what type of finish and what particular style speaks to you the most is important. Thankfully, there are many options and choices to prune away and compare to pick which version best suits you. Because when it comes down to it, that’s what really sets any bracelet type apart, how well you enjoy it. So make sure that if you choose the Jubilee bracelet, you choose something that you can be happy to call your own.

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