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Seven Reasons the Rolex Cellini Is a Perfect Dress Watch

Rolex Cellini 18K Yellow Gold Men's Watch
Rolex Cellini R6623 18K Yellow Gold Men's Watch

Rolex became famous for its watches that served a specific purpose. These watches, known today as tool watches, had features as diverse as water pressure resistance, magnetism resistance, speed calculations and navigational functions. However, for most people, what sets a Rolex apart is the beauty and luxury of the brand. This is in part because of the simple fact that even Rolex’s tool watches are remarkably stylish. However, Rolex does produce watches that are specifically designed for formal wear and the Rolex Cellini might be the perfect example.

There are seven reasons the Rolex Cellini, Rolex’s flagship dress watch, is perfect for formal wear. What are the reasons? That’s easy. The seven models of this incredible watch.

  1. The Cellini Cellinum This model is available in platinum with two dial options, black or white with mother of pearl. With a black leather strap and a platinum clasp, this dress watch is stunning but nonetheless not ostentatious.

  2. The Cellini Quartz Crafted from lustrous and elegant white gold, the Quartz comes with a blue or white dial along with a leather strap to match the dial. This watch has flair, and is perfect for events where elegance is less important than statement.

  3. The Cellini Cellissima One of the most elegant Rolex watches, the Cellissima is only available in white gold although there are many choices in regards to dials, bracelets and bezels. More than most Rolex watches, the choice of dials, bracelets or straps and even the shape of the case allows you to fit the purchase to your personality.

  4. The Cellini Danaos The exceptional Cellini Danaos has different options for the men’s or ladies’ version and the options can create either an elegant or very bold result with white gold and a splash of color as part of the package.

  5. The Cellini Prince The Cellini Prince has a rectangular case and transparent case backand is available in white gold, yellow gold, and Everose gold (Rolex’s proprietary rose gold alloy.) The hand wound movement adds a touch of class and numerous options for personalization exist.

  6. The Cellini Orchid The Cellini Orchid is a stunning watch for ladies. Round cut diamonds in the bezel, dial, and bracelet add luxurious charm. Whether crafted from white or yellow gold, the pearl dial set with diamonds makes an impact. The Orchid is a very extravagant model that because of the fine craftsmanship avoids being too ostentatious.

  7. The Cellini Cestello A wide variety of choices for dials and straps allow someone to customize this model so it works perfectly for them. Available in white, yellow or rose gold, it is complimented by a brown leather strap. The combination is truly beautiful.

There are other Rolex Cellini models available but these seven already prove the watch is perfect for dress wear. If you’re in the market for a fine luxury watch to wear when you dress up, there’s no better choice from the Cellini. You can find them for sale by authorized Rolex dealers or, if you buy on the secondary market, from trustworthy pre-owned Rolex sellers.


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