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How Do You Feel About Customized Watches?

A Customized Rolex GMT-Master II
A Customized Rolex GMT-Master II

What do you think of aftermarket customized watches? Does it create something beautiful or does it just ruin a watch?

This is sometimes a contentious topic. One thing happens right away if you customize a Rolex with any third party. The warranty is immediately and permanently voided. If you service a Rolex at an authorized Rolex center and they find any aftermarket parts in the case, they will usually demand the parts be replaced or refuse to service it. That also goes for aftermarket bezels and dials although I have heard from some folks who were able to have the watch serviced even with a custom bezel or dial.

What do you think? Is making a Rolex yours in a way that takes it out of the realm of what Rolex finds warrantable something worth it to you? After all, it’ll be on your wrist. What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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