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Christie’s Upcoming Watch Auction

Rolex Daytona ref 6263 MK1 Paul Newman Oyster Sotto
Rolex Daytona ref 6263 MK1 Paul Newman Oyster Sotto

In June, famed auction house Christie’s New York is holding an auction of fine timepieces. The auction, which will take place at the Manhattan action house and online, will occur on June 8 and 9.

The first day will conclude the sale of watches from the Kairos collection, perhaps the most significant and important collection of Patek Phillipe watches ever assembled. If you’ve never looked into the collection, go online and enjoy some real timekeeping history and beauty.

The second day will feature a number of watches, two of which are of particular note. There is an early Daytona, a Daytona ref 6263 MK1 Paul Newman Oyster Sotto. It’s a rare watch of interest to collectors and its name derives from the order of words on the dial. Rather than Rolex Oyster Cosmograph, the dial reads Rolex Cosmograph Oyster.

The other particularly interesting watch is a Rolex 3525. This was the personal watch of Royal Air Force Lt. Gerald Imeson worn as a POW. It is the watch instrumental in the famous Great Escape of March 24, 1944.

So what’s your dream watch? Would you ever drop a million dollars on a watch? Some think the Paul Newman will fetch that. What over-the-top watch purchase do you fantasize about?


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