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Why is Tiffany & Co. So Popular?

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Tiffany & Co Diamond Engagement Ring

There is one brand of jewelry so popular it’s almost synonymous with jewelry itself. That brand is Tiffany & Co., and with elegance and style that’s spanned more than one-hundred and seventy-five years, they’ve set the standard for jewelry excellence for a very long time. The primary reason Tiffany is popular, though, is that their pioneering approach to jewelry and design has always appealed, and sometimes it has appealed enough that the entire industry is transformed. From the outset, Tiffany moved away from the overly fancy and very ostentatious European styles of design, opting instead for a more natural and elegant style that showed the natural beauty of the materials more effectively.

It was this philosophy of natural beauty, in fact, that led Tiffany to design their signature engagement ring setting. The setting allowed the diamond to be fully visible and allowed light to shine on it, through it, and out of it from all sides. The diamond’s natural beauty and ability to reflect light was enhanced in this setting and now, the Tiffany engagement ring setting is the standard, used by almost all manufacturers and used for the majority of engagement rings sold in the United States. With that kind of industry-changing perception, Tiffany has opened our eyes to how we think of beauty in pretty remarkable ways.

Of course, there are important ways Tiffany has made the industry safer for jewelers and consumers as well. Tiffany pushed for uniform standards for gems and precious metals right from the beginning. In fact, the Gemological Institute of America’s “Four C” system of diamond grading is based in large part on earlier work Tiffany pioneered. It was Tiffany & Co. that campaigned to have a standard for silver and other precious metals, and it was a Tiffany & Co. gemologist who pushed for a uniform metric carat weight for diamonds. Almost every standard protection available in the industry has its origins with this fine company.

Is it any wonder Tiffany & Co. is so popular? Is it any wonder that anyone wearing a piece of Tiffany & Co. Jewelry feels special?

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