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The Tiffany & Co. Yellow Diamonds

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Perhaps there is nothing that displays luxury and beauty more than a diamond, and there’s no company on Earth with diamonds more beautiful than those from Tiffany & Co. Nearly every standard imaginable for diamonds was pioneered by Tiffany & Co. Without them, the United States might not have adopted the standard metric carat! Can you imagine two different jewelers telling you two different weights for the same diamond and both of them believing they’re telling the truth? Apart from that, the modern “Four C” system from the Gemological Institute of America was based largely on Tiffany’s pioneering work in diamond grading. It’s no surprise that Tiffany & Co. diamonds are beautiful but perhaps there is nothing more stunning that Tiffany Yellow Diamond.

In a time when marketing about color and colorless diamonds seem to fill the commercials of every major jeweler, it may seem strange to think of yellow diamonds but until you’ve seen the vibrant beauty of one of these gems, it’s impossible to understand just how lovely they are. From a beautiful center stone in a Victoria Collection pendant to a staggeringly lovely Soleste Collection engagement ring, the splash of daffodil-yellow draws the eye so that it’s incomprehensible to consider the item any other way! Of course, Tiffany & Co.’s expert cutters do their job perfectly, creating flawlessly formed gems in marquise cuts, round brilliant cuts, and others. They even create special mixed cuts because when you’re Tiffany & Co. you care more about the diamond’s beauty than about the industry norms.

At Bert Levi Family Jewelers, we buy thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry every week in our downtown San Diego Showroom. We have one of the largest inventories of preowned jewelry in the Greater San Diego Area, and if you’d like to buy a pre-owned Tiffany & Co. yellow diamond pendant or another piece of jewelry, we’d love to see you! Our GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals are standing by to help so drop on by our conveniently located Gaslamp District store. The Tiffany Yellow Diamond you’ve been dreaming about might be waiting for you right now!

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