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Why Do We Put Diamonds on Engagement Rings?

Womens 14k White Gold Halo Natural Diamond Engagement Ring
Women's 14k White Gold Halo Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

Have you ever wondered why diamonds ended up the gem of choice on engagement rings? Before the discovery of diamond mines in South Africa and then elsewhere, diamonds were too rare to really be used. When big finds flooded the market, they were even considered too common and many of the aristocracy preferred emeralds and rubies. That was only about two hundred years ago! So why now? Why are diamonds so important to us?

Diamonds Represent Rarity

Though there was a time the European aristocracy believed diamonds were too common, it just wasn’t true. At that time, only the rich could afford much in the way of jewelry at all. The issue wasn’t supply but demand. There just weren’t a great many people who believed they could afford a beautiful ring. Now, the diamond industry has grown dramatically and even though only a tiny percentage of the diamonds moved are high quality enough to be used for jewelry, they’ve become affordable enough that anyone can have a lovely symbol of the rarity of love and the precious nature of something not easy to obtain. In fact, at Levi Family Jewelers, we can customize just about any ring to fit just about any budget! Love is a rare and precious thing, and diamonds represent that beautiful rarity perfectly.

Diamonds Represent Permanence

This remarkable gemstone is the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth. That’s why it has so many industrial applications! Diamonds are nearly impossible to scratch, and definitely impossible without special tools. You’ve probably heard the term, “Diamonds are forever.” It’s true. A diamond will last for an eternity, just like love should. A diamond’s shimmering brilliance on an engagement ring not only represents a thing of beauty but it represents love that’s everlasting.

Diamonds Are Beautiful

Let’s not forget that diamonds are simply lovely. A quality cut diamond will capture light in a way that’s simply amazing. It will seem to burn with an inner fire as it reflects the light from without inside of itself and the sparkle from its surface is remarkable.

Finding a soul mate is rare and beautiful, and everlasting love ought to be commemorated. That’s why diamonds are popular, and that’s why your engagement ring is almost certain to have one.


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