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What's Important About a Diamond Cut

Women's 14K White Gold Natural Diamond Engagement Rings Semi-Mounting
Women's 14K White Gold Natural Diamond Engagement Rings Semi-Mounting

We believe a GIA certified diamond’s cut is the most important “C” of the “Four C’s” because a diamond’s cut is the most relevant aspect of how a diamond reflects light. A diamond of lower quality can be made beautiful by a skilled diamond cutter, and that means you can buy something incredible without breaking your bank account trying to find a perfectly flawless or perfectly colorless stone. While we stock very high quality diamonds when it comes to clarity and color, we always encourage our customers to focus on the cut. A diamond cut well will pair perfectly with your semi mount engagement ring and make the whole far better than the sum of its parts.

A diamond is cut by creating facets, or flat areas on the surface of the diamond. These facets change the angle at which light enters the diamond and how the light reflects when it hits. In addition, the facets work together to send light back out. The way the facets are cut and their placement works together to create the diamond’s brightness as well as its scintillation and fire. In simplest terms, the scintillation is how a diamond appears “sparkly.” The fire is the internal glow of a diamond that’s caused when light is split into all of the colors of the spectrum in much the same way that rain creates a rainbow.

A well cut diamond is critical to the beauty of your engagement ring, and at Bert Levi Family Jewelers, we’re pleased to be able to get you incredible diamonds that would very likely be outside of your budget range if we didn’t sell them at the drastically discounted rates we love to offer. We’re a small family business, and we’re excited to help couples getting started on their own families. Why not drop by our San Diego showroom and take a look?


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