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What if She Already Has the Ring?

Womens Vintage Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring
Women's Vintage Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring

You have to ask yourself how you feel about it first before you plan your next step of action. Find out why she has the ring. Is it passed down from generation to generation, and does she feel obliged to wear it because it’s a family heirloom? Is this her choice or her mom’s or grandmother’s? Is she doing it out of respect for family tradition? Perhaps this is the ring she personally bought for herself for the day she would meet her knight in shining armor. Although it is highly unlikely that a woman would purchase her own engagement ring, in today’s modern world, there’s still that slight possibility.

With the facts in hand, do you still want to get her an engagement ring? If you are going to use her ring, is the proposal going to be a surprise? If you ask to use the ring, obviously she will know that an engagement is in the near future. Some men may hesitate because this seems like an emasculating process; she’s got the ring already and so in a sense she has more control in terms of knowledge. If this sits well with your gut, go for it! But if she is okay with her ring or yours, then by all means buy the ring! This is your chance to shine. Your proposal will reflect your originality, creativity and thoughtfulness. Let this be an event that she will talk about forever with her friends and family!

Have you decided to get the ring? We’d consider it an honor if you’d come to see us. We’re a third generation jeweler and a small family business. Most importantly, we’re dedicated to earning your trust and making you a customer for life.


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