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What Is the Tiffany Setting?

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Of all American Companies, perhaps none calls to mind luxury, beauty, and elegance more than Tiffany & Co. Founded by Charles Tiffany in 1837, the company immediately gained a reputation for elegant and lovely designs with silver, gold, and more. Forty-nine years later, the company’s focus on natural beauty and their rejection of the overly-enthusiastic and showy designs popular in Europe at the time revolutionized engagement rings forever. In 1886, Tiffany & Co. introduced the Tiffany Setting, and from that day forward it was the most popular engagement ring design in the world. To this very day, almost all engagement rings by almost any designer use a Tiffany-style pronged setting.

Perhaps no other ring design has impacted the world of jewelry the way this Tiffany & Co. masterpiece revolutionized it. Prior to the Tiffany setting, jewelry showed off the face of the diamond rather than the entirety of it. Nearly all diamonds were cut to maximize carat weight rather than to maximize quality. The surface of a diamond was almost more important than anything else! Tiffany & Co. changed that by making the solitaire the standard for engagement rings and putting the diamond in position so that all of its facets would catch light and return it in the most beautiful way. A simple and elegant band keeps the focus clearly on the stone and the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond is never more evident than when it’s set in the Tiffany Style.

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