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The Tiffany Keys Collection

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Can you imagine how amazing it must feel to browse through the history of a company like Tiffany & Co.? We don’t mean browsing the internet or through a book. We mean looking through old items, old catalogues, old jewelry, and such. Believe it or not, that’s exactly how the Tiffany & Co. Keys Collection was inspired. While organizing the company’s archives, Tiffany & Co. employees discovered a wonderful treasure. It was composed of keys. They were crafted of gold and silver and these ornately crafted keys showed just how incredible the Tiffany & Co. jewelers of old really were. Some had gems and were fastened into brooches while others, according to Tiffany records, were made presents for various heads of state.

As much as we might love to have one, we’ll probably never have the opportunity to have one of those keys from the vault but the Tiffany & Co. Keys Collection is a wonderful second chance to have some of the glory of those classic pieces on a necklace or a brooch. Lovingly crafted in silver, platinum, or various colors of gold, the modern keys are simply incredible, and they hearken back to the beauty of the vault keys. On a chain of gold or platinum, these keys are simply extraordinary. With or without precious gems, they show elegance without sacrificing luxuriousness.

We buy thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry every week in our conveniently located Downtown San Diego showroom, and whenever a customer brings in a key from the Tiffany Key’s Collection, we get excited. When we can add Tiffany & Co items to our collection of pre-owned jewelry, we know we’ll be able to provide something extraordinary to our customers, and we’ll be able to do it at more affordable prices. To us, that’s one of the most rewarding things we get to do. If you’re looking for an extraordinary gift, drop by our showroom. We’re in the Gaslamp district, and our GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals are standing by to get you the perfect addition to your jewelry box!

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