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Tiffany & Co. and Jean Schlumberger

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

The “Bird on a Rock” is the famous design created to show off the remarkable Tiffany Diamond. The enormous 122 carat diamond is topped by a whimsical bird made of gems and precious metals. The mounting was designed by Jean Schlumberger, who designed for Tiffany & Co. for more than twenty years. His designs were (and are) superbly popular, and Jackie Kennedy wore enough of them that his bracelets were dubbed “Jackie Bracelets” by the press! Even to this day, Tiffany & Co. sells jewelry designed by Schlumberger, and his appreciation for natural beauty and the inspiration he found in nature characterizes the jewelry even now.

From ornate birds to gem-studded seahorses, Schlumberger Collection pieces make stunning and yet whimsical earrings, bracelets, pendants, and more. The designs are lovely and more than that, they display the remarkable manufacturing processes that allow Tiffany & Co. to work on such intricate items and consistently produce the well-crafted jewelry that’s the best in the world. Schlumberger designs run from affordable to very expensive to priceless. Imagine being able to wear something around your neck or around your wrist designed by someone who makes museum-quality pieces. That’s what you get with a Tiffany & C0. Schlumberger collection item.

At Bert Levi Family Jewelers, we buy thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry in our downtown San Diego showroom every single week. Among those pieces are items we add to our inventory of pre-owned Tiffany & Co. jewelry. Stop by and let one of our GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals show you the collection. Schlumberger items move very, very fast but the good news is that if you have your heart set on a particular design, we might be able to track it down with the help of our large distributer network. Come see us. We’re conveniently located in the Gaslamp District, and the perfect addition to your jewelry collection might be waiting for you right now!

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