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The Tiffany & Co. Atlas Collection

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Did you know the Atlantic Ocean was named after Atlas, the titan from Greek Mythology? The famed lost city of Atlantis was as well. Atlas was a powerful being who held the Earth on his shoulders, and according to Tiffany & Co., that was why the named their incredible Atlas Watch, released in 1983 and designed by Tiffany & Co. design director emeritus John Loring. The design for this watch made a bold but elegant statement and became one of the most popular Tiffany & Co. watch designs of all time. When Tiffany & Co. decided to expand the collection in 1995, it immediately became one of the favorite and most enduring of their collections.

Like the famed watch design, the Atlas Collection jewelry incorporates Roman numerals, symbolizing the agelessness of the impact of that civilization on the world and beautifully creating an elegant and sleek impact to bracelets, rings, pendants, and more. With grooved borders and a surface that alternates between a glossy polish and a sedate matte finish, the jewelry in this collection create a stunning effect with light, sensual and beautiful. The designs hearken back to Charles Tiffany’s insistence that his designers focus on natural beauty rather than on self-important, overly ostentatious gaudiness. Like all Tiffany & Co. Jewelry, the collection represents the best in American jewelry, and perhaps the best in jewelry world over.

At Bert Levi Family Jewelers, we buy thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry every single week, and we have one of the largest inventories of pre-owned jewelry in the Greater San Diego Area. If you stop by our conveniently located showroom in the Gaslamp District, one of our GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals would be happy to show you our collection. You should know that pre-owned Tiffany & Co. jewelry moves very fast, and the Atlas Collection represents some of the most popular. So, we can’t promise any particular Tiffany & Co. item will be among our pre-owned jewelry but we can usually find something specific in our network of distributors. So stop on by and let us find something truly remarkable for you.

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