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Rolex Models - Rolex Yacht-Master

Updated: May 6, 2022

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Yacht-Master Mens Watch
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Yacht-Master ref 126622

Rolex has always been a highly revered name in the watchmaking industry and has constantly produced timepieces that are popular in one way or another–even models that were unpopular upon release, such as the Oysterquartz and the Turn-O-Graph, have been sought after by vintage timepiece collectors. The highly admired Rolex Yacht-Master is no exception to this pattern as it, too, is in high demand by collectors and consumers worldwide.

Released in 1992 as Model 16628, the Rolex Yacht-Master was an instant sensation. The immense popularity of the resplendent timepiece compelled Rolex to create two subsequent models only two years after the release of Model 16628. Model 69628 was a watch that was created specifically for ladies. Its petite 29mm case was much smaller than the standard cases found on other Rolex wristwatches. It was available in lovely yellow gold along with its sister prototype, Model 68628. This model, which featured a 34mm case, was one of the original mid-size watches produced by Rolex.

In 1996, Models 69628 and 68628 became available in two-tone stainless steel and yellow gold. The ladies’ watch was renamed Model 69623 while the mid-size wristwatch was changed to Model 68623. There is even a mid-size steel version available to this day. Both new versions of the models were deeply admired for their beauty and precision and sold quickly throughout the markets of the world.

A year after the first changes took effect, the Rolex Yacht-Master became available in Rolesium, a combination of stainless steel and platinum that had been patented by Rolex in 1932 and became one of several unique metals to be specially designed by a particular company. This model was an instant success once it made an appearance in the markets. The fact that Rolex had released only a certain number of the new timepiece made it a rare and valuable treasure, therefore launching the great race to be the lucky consumer to purchase the one-of-a-kind wristwatch. In fact, the Rolex Yacht-Master made with Rolesium is one of the most sought after timepieces for collectors.

Today, a standard Rolex Yacht-Master features a beautiful stainless steel case with a stunning platinum or yellow gold time-lapse bezel; a platinum or mother of pearl dial with options for eight round-cut diamonds, one triangle and two baguette sapphires, and one triangle and two baguette sapphires to accompany the mother of pearl; an accurate 31-jewel chronometer movement; synthetic sapphire crystal; and a special Oysterlock bracelet, all of which add to the charm and majesty consumers and collectors look for in the famed timepieces created by Rolex.

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