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Popular Engagement Ring Designs

Trying to figure out which ring design is best? Here we present the top five popular designs rated by consumers. Starting from the bottom up, rings are listed in order of popularity from least to most popular.

Style #5: Tension engagement ring

The purpose of the tension ring style is to draw attention to the diamond. The ring itself is simple, with no design, and the tension settings hold the diamond in place on both sides. This style has gained popularity in recent years.

Womens 18K White Gold Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring
Women's Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Style #4: Colored diamonds

Make your engagement ring stand out with colored diamonds! They come in yellow, green, brown, black, pink or blue. If you wonder what color(s) to choose for this kind of ring, perhaps pick a birthstone to signify an important date in your relationship timeline. Enhance the design with multiple colors to signify more than one important date.

Style #3: Distinctive band

As the name suggests, the band makes the ring stand out. You can pick bands with asymmetrical swirling patterns, bands with points, or engrave patterns or words into the band. Elegant styles include hand-sculpted scrolling and filigree patterns.

Womens 14k Yellow Gold Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring
Women's Natural Diamonds Cluster Engagement Ring

Style #2: Cluster

Do you want a ring that really sparkles and shines? Cluster engagement rings have much more than just one diamond set in the band. A cluster of tiny diamonds can be arranged in any shape or pattern around the main diamond to give it its unique style. The variety of sizes, shapes and patterns are unlimited; to pick the cluster ring you want, it would be best to be inside a store and see the ring in person to gauge the full dimension of the ring.

Women's 14K Rose Gold Natural Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring
Women's Natural Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Style #1: Solitaire

The most popular ring style is the Classic Solitaire. With a round-brilliant diamond or a princess-cut diamond in a prong setting, the light that shines through the stone makes the diamond radiate brilliantly. Depending on the cut, size, and style, you could have a four-prong or six-prong ring to feature your diamond.

We have thousands of gorgeous engagement rings in stock at our San Diego showroom! Our friendly experts will gladly show the different assortments of rings and guide you through this exciting process. We want you to be a customer for life, and as a small family business, we’re dedicated to making your ring a lasting testimony of your love for one another. Please stop by and don’t hesitate to give us a call!


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