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New Rules of Engagement

Womens Platinum Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring
Women's Platinum Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring

“New rules of engagement?” you may ask. We are not suggesting new rules of how to get engaged – we are merely going to touch upon the new rules of getting the engagement ring. Traditionally speaking, it is recommended that men save up one to three months’ worth of wages to get the diamond ring. However, with today’s economic downturn in recent years, it may be impractical for the man to save up that much money since he has other expenses to worry about. Money should not be an obstacle for couples to seal the deal under matrimonial law; there are other ways to make your ring special without having to break the bank.

“So what are my alternatives?” Stainless steel is becoming more and more common for its enduring properties: it lasts forever and doesn’t tarnish. It is super affordable and looks just like silver. Less money on the band means more money for the diamond, which virtually accounts for the majority of the cost anyway, whether you got real gold or silver or just stainless steel. Other rings that have been gaining popularity are mixed metal rings (of gold and silver) or rings made of turquoise and onyx.

Back in the day, when women took on more of the homemaker’s role, it was more practical to get her an engagement ring with a medium-size or huge rock. She didn’t have to worry too much about chipping or damaging her ring since she was usually home and could store it away in a safe place if she had to wash dishes or take care of the kids. Today’s modern woman, however, lives a very active style. She may have a successful career and hits the gym before or after work. The modern woman’s lifestyle is much more physically active than women’s lifestyles in, say, the 1940’s. As times change, so must our ideas.

We can help you pick the perfect ring to match your loved one’s personality and lifestyle. Please don’t hesitate to call us or drop by our showroom! We’ll make sure the prices are fair and that you’ll feel like a customer for life from the very first moment you step into our store. It’s one of the many things we pride ourselves on as a third generation jeweler.


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