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Is It Smart to Buy a Rolex for Quality?

Rolex Day-Date Oyster Perpetual Datejust Presidential Men's Gold Watch
Rolex Day-Date Oyster Perpetual Datejust Presidential 18038

There are a great many reasons to buy a Rolex but perhaps none is more important than this simple fact. Rolex produces, on the whole, the highest quality mechanical watches in the world. From the company’s founding more than a century ago, the standard by which success was judges was simple. Rolex had to produce the best watches available. There are many who would say Rolex achieved that goal and continues to produce the best watches in the world.

From an innovation standpoint, Rolex is revered worldwide for its technological advances. In 1931, the Oyster Perpetual movement revolutionize the timepiece industry. To this day, that movement is still considered one of the finest (if not the finest) automatic winding mechanisms in the industry. That’s just part of their innovative approach to maintaining constant strides in the field of timekeeping. Here are some other areas in which they excel.

  • Magnetic resistance developed with nuclear scientists.

  • Dive handling developed with the US Navy.

  • Complications (extra features on a mechanical watch) allowing time zone conversion, speed conversion, and more.

Rolex’s commitment to unparalleled quality is so strong they practice strict material handling, including some materials they develop themselves. Here are a few examples of their commitment to quality with their materials.

  • A patented 904L stell alloy for stainless steel models.

  • A patented ceramic “Cerachrom” material for bezels.

  • An in-house foundry to ensure the gold used in their watches is perfect.

  • In-house gemologists for the sourcing, sorting and grading of gems.

  • Innovative alloy procedures to produce alloys such as their own rose gold and a blend of platinum and steel.

Apart from the concern for quality raw materials, Rolex uses exacting procedures in the course of their watches’ manufacture. They are so concerned with maintaining the quality of their watches that they refuse to increase their manufacturing capacity at present. This has understandably brought about a crazy market situation because demand for Rolex watches has dramatically increased over the last few years. Shortages abound with some of the most popular models, leading to waitlists of several months to years.

When it comes to quality, there are many who believe Rolex has no equal. This is why a great many enthusiasts are happy to purchase a pre-owned Rolex, although if you decide to do that you’ll want to make sure you deal with a reputable Rolex seller. For Rolex, quality is the number one concern and that means if you’re concerned with quality, a Rolex is a very smart choice.


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