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How to Pop the Question

Womens 14k Yellow Gold Vintage Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring
Women's 14k Yellow Gold Vintage Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring

Come up with a juicy idea so that you can pass the idea from generation to generation! Aside from the traditional down-on-bended-knee style, how else could you tell her that you want to spend every moment with her for the rest of your lives? It’s so important to start the marriage off on the right foot, so careful planning has got to be in order.

Idea #1

Take her somewhere special, maybe the countryside, where you normally don’t go and plan a special “get-away” trip where she won’t suspect anything. If you both work long hours during the week, this would be the perfect excuse to plan a get-away to relax. There are beautiful places along the coast, such as the Hearst Castle or Napa Valley, where you could sojourn and plan a beautiful dinner overlooking the cliffs or ocean. If your family or her family and friends are able to come, invite them to come and stay at a hotel nearby where they can join you guys for an engagement party after you pop the question over candlelit dinner.

Idea #2

Prepare a special video clip of your moments together. If you don’t have records of those moments on video, put together a collage that represents those moments and put them in a slide show. Show these clips inside a movie theatre where she thinks she’s going to the movies with you. Of course you would have to first talk to the theatre manager but she would be so thrown off after seeing the previews that she would not suspect to view video clips of you guys on a movie screen! Be sure to have all your family and friends in the theatre before you come in so she can’t see them inside the dark theatre. At the end of the slide you can show yourself on the screen proposing to her and then when she turns to you in her seat, you can already have the ring box open for her to see the engagement ring.

Idea #3

Suggest a helicopter ride somewhere, maybe to San Francisco or Catalina Island or some exotic place that you can afford. As you are flying over the land, you can pop the question on your way to the destination and then have an engagement dinner at a fancy restaurant where family and friends are waiting for you. If you are adventurous enough, you can go skydiving together and pop the question then, or go snorkeling and propose under water.

The key is to know yourself, your girlfriend, and your budget. Do not hesitate to get input from others because they may give insight about her that you never had before. When she finds out later that you did your “research,” she will feel that much more special that you put a lot of thought and careful planning into this.

Our friendly associates would be more than happy to show you our gorgeous array of engagement rings at our San Diego showroom! Please do not hesitate to call us or drop by! We’re a small family business, and we want to earn your business for life.

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