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How to find the Perfect Tiffany & Co. Gift of Jewelry

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

There’s no name more respected in the world of jewelry than Tiffany & Co., so it’s not really a surprise that you might want to buy one of their lovely and elegant items as a gift for someone special. With charms that range from elegant to whimsical and the charms are just the start. Their pendants are lovely, their bracelets divine, and their engagement rings set the standard the world over. In fact, almost every engagement ring from any style is set in a variation of the famous Tiffany Setting! Since their founding in 1837, this company has been revolutionary is creating jewelry that resonates with natural beauty and even their most luxurious and opulent items still retain an elegant rather than showy character. With jewelry like that, it’s no surprise you want to find a perfect item. Here are five quick tips to help.

Tip One: Consider the Personality of the Receiver

Are you getting something for someone outgoing and playful? Consider one of their whimsical designs such as the Schlumberger brooches or pendants. For someone more reserved, go with the classic Tiffany T Collection or similarly restrained pieces.

Tip Two: Consider the Colors

Tiffany & Co. jewelry is available in an array of colors so consider the wearer’s complexion and wardrobe. A good rule of thumb is to sneak a peek at jewelry already owned!

Tip Three: Consider Activity

Different items and designs have different levels of durability. A very active person will get more use out of studs than dangling earrings. A band with inset stones makes more sense than a raised setting for someone whose hands are regularly under stress.

Tip Four: Consider Social Activity

If the giver rarely attends anything approaching a black tie event, stick to elegant pieces that can be worn with a more casual outfit, unless you’d like them to wear your gift only in very rare special circumstances. On the other hand, someone with season tickets to the opera might get good use from something opulent.

Tip Five: Consider Buying Pre-Owned

The wonderful thing about Tiffany & Co. is that their style is almost eternal, and their craftsmanship is top notch. When you consider the wonderful durability of diamonds, pre-owned often makes sense. Buy from a reputable dealer to be sure of the origins and authenticity and enjoy buying something wonderful at a more affordable price.

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