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How to Create a Fool-Proof Wedding Day Plan

Decorated Wedding Hall

As you can imagine, your wedding day will be one of the busiest, most consuming days of your life. With all of the hustle and bustle of getting married filling your schedule, it’s no wonder that some of the seemingly routine facts of life might be skipped. In order to make sure nothing is missed, create a plan before your wedding day to make sure all of your bases are covered. Having a plan not only works to ensure all is right with the ceremony, having a plan in place also works to relieve stress and allows you to enjoy the day.

One of the most common mistakes made by couples getting married is forgetting to live. Sounds odd, right? Think about what you do on a daily basis. You sleep, you wake, you go to the bathroom, you eat, your bathe, you communicate with friends and family, feed the dog, exercise, etc. Your wedding day should be no exception. Start by making a checklist days in advance. Don’t hesitate to include things on your list that you might think are no-brainers; things such as meal times. You might assume that your belly will tell you when it’s time to eat…think again. The anxiety that can accompany your wedding day can play tricks on your body. While you might think you’re well fueled for the day you could be heading for a physiological meltdown right when you want to be at your fittest.

Drink plenty of fluids. Water is the building block of life, right? Well, make sure you have all of the building block you need to make it through a most important day. Routine is important on your wedding day. Following your routine will allow you to focus on other things besides the wedding ceremony. Stress can creep in when you have idle time, so fill your day with reading a quick article on your iPad or going for a run. Not only are these things that you would normally do on any given day, they’ll make you feel more relaxed and ready to walk down the aisle.

Remember, your wedding day is an ordinary day with one extraordinary entry on the schedule. If you forget the ordinary, the extraordinary could turn into a nightmare. When it comes time for you to plan on your wedding set, we hope you’ll go to the leader for wedding rings in San Diego. We’re a family business, a third generation jeweler, and we want to earn your trust and make you a customer for life!


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