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How to Find the Right Wedding Singer

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Check the local listings

Type in your zip code in a search engine like Google or Bing, and you will find hundreds of wedding singers in your area. Why look for a local wedding singer? They might charge extra for mileage if they are traveling from afar.

Website and Demos

Do any of the singers have their own website? If you have been to a wedding where you impressed by the performance of a singer, ask that couple for the singer’s contact information. Firsthand experience is always the best guide in choosing a performer for your own wedding. If you don’t know of any wedding singers off the top of your head, look for websites that have at least four or five demos. Don’t bother with the ones that don’t have any demos at all. That shows that they are not proud of their voice. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it – why would you want to bother with a singer who doesn’t have a demo?


The way they answer the phone is a good indicator of their personality. Are they friendly? What is your gut feeling as you hear their greeting? Do you think you would be able to work with this person or do you foresee complications ahead?


If you have already discussed quotes over the phone, request an email detailing the prices and packages that apply to your situation. It’s important to have something in writing so you will always have something to reference should a dispute arise. There should be no hesitation on the wedding singer’s part to furnish you some written documentation, especially if you have viewed the website, listened to the demos, and spoke to him over the phone. If you sense any resistance at this point, just beware for unwanted surprises later on.

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