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Get the Most on Your Budget

Women's 14k White Gold Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring
Women's 14k White Gold Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring

Purchasing an engagement ring is a serious step and oftentimes the magnitude of that step makes the actual process seem less important. We can understand that. After all, you’re about to enter into a grand and wonderful journey where you’ll be joining your life together with someone else. Of all the advice we’ve given to our customers buying engagement rings in San Diego County, we think the best is not to overspend. Of course some of that is as simple as using a family jeweler and a direct diamond importer, and we’re both. There’s more you can do, though, and here are some tricks of the trade.

Don’t Limit Yourself to a Solitaire

Did you know that a beautiful one carat diamond engagement ring can cost thousands of dollars? Did you know a beautiful one carat diamond engagement ring can also cost seventy-five to eighty percent less? A single one carat stone costs many multiples more than an equal weight of smaller stones. One thing to consider when you’re on a tight budget is a lovely ring of diamonds instead of one.

Save Money on Your Stone

Here’s a little known trick. Did you know that you can save a bundle just by buying a diamond that’s slightly lower than a whole carat weight? For example, a 1.97 carat diamond is dramatically less expensive than a two carat diamond. A .98 carat diamond will save you a great deal over a one carat diamond as well. Nobody will ever know the difference, but the money you save will probably come in handy when it comes time to choose a wedding dress!

Settings Matter

The setting doesn’t just keep your stone on the ring. It’s also a lovely opportunity for you to display your diamond in a way that can give it the illusion of a larger size and can really help a stone reflect light beautifully. Our master jewelers are experts at making every diamond look its best.

Remember You Can Trade Up

We always remind out customers that the ring they’re shopping for right now doesn’t have to be the ring they keep permanently. It’s not unusual at all for a couple to upgrade to a larger or better diamond when their circumstances allow for it.

When you need an engagement ring in San Diego County, we hope you’ll consider us. We’d love the opportunity to show you how our small family business wants to earn your trust and make you a customer for life.


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