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Four Clues it’s Time to Pop the Question

Women's Natural Diamond Engagement Ring for Your Loved One
Women's Natural Diamond Engagement Ring for Your Loved One

We know, we know, you’ve found the right one and now you can hardly wait to put the ring on their finger. Still, while we love helping new couples pick out rings, it always help when the happy couple are on the same page and ready for all that being connected forever entails. So, here are four quick things to hash out before picking out that very special ring for that special someone.

You’ve Hit A Major Goal

It helps when you and your intended feel comfortable with where they are in life. Having that job promotion under your belt or running that marathon can make you more confident when it comes to facing the future as a duo. It will certainly make it easier when it comes time to consider a ring. Accomplishing goals can make you more content with your decisions.

You’ve had “The Talk”

No, we’re not talking about the awkward moments you spent with mom or dad discussing, “you know what.” We’re talking about the future. It’s important to get together on plans for a family and jobs and roles and, well, everything that will be impacted by your couplehood before you say those vows. Those wedding bands should stand for a united front.

The Gang Is All There

It’s going to be difficult enough getting used to his underwear on the bedroom floor and her makeup collection invading both sides of the sink, you really don’t want to battle it out with friends as well. It doesn’t mean that if the guys don’t want her around on Poker night that it’s a no-go, but it helps when friends on both side of the aisle are comfortable with your new better half. And, hey, who better to give a second opinion on rings than a close friend.

Clues are Welcome

There will be a point in almost every long-term relationship when one half will start to leave a crumb trail leading right to the proposal. Maybe you walk by a jeweler’s and she suddenly stops to admire the wedding bands with a sigh. Or perhaps he’s talking about what destination would make for the perfect honeymoon. If you feel your heart flutter and your pulse race at the thought of being soul mates than it’s safe to say you’re ready to pop the question, and ready to start shopping for those rings.

These are only a few pointers in the right direction and every relationship is unique. So, when you’re ready to buy that engagement ring, Bert Levi Family Jewelers will be there to help guide you the rest of the way. Our expertise and care is an integral part of why so many people choose us when it is time to ask that special one to share forever.


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