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Diamonds for Men

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Men's Yellow Gold Natural Diamond Wedding Ring
Men's Yellow Gold Natural Diamond Wedding Ring

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? That’s girl’s. Not men. Nope. Diamonds aren’t for men, right? It’s amazing how much information is out there to help women determine the kind of diamond they’d like or to help men buy diamonds for women. There’s almost nothing available to help men choose diamonds for themselves. When it comes time to decide on a men’s wedding ring, here are some ideas for you.

Focus on design:

For a traditional woman’s engagement ring or wedding band, it’s all about the diamonds. The ring is designed primarily to showcase the solitaire or the array. A men’s band certainly takes that into account, but its focus will be more about the piece as a whole. Your diamonds should be chosen for how the complement the band instead of the other way around.

Consider Color:

We’ve done men’s bands with black diamonds, rose diamonds, and more. In general, we recommend women stay closer to the more traditional clear diamonds because most styles for women are developed to showcase a traditional round brilliant cut. You can add personality to your band with more freedom.

Think Lifestyle:

In general, men’s jewelry tends to be more utilitarian. You’ll want to consider what kind of wear your ring will face. Your diamonds will stand up to just about anything, but your settings and the precious metal involved needs to be carefully considered based on your lifestyle in order to ensure you avoid scratches and dullness.

Our society tends to present engagements and weddings as times that focus on the bride far more than the groom, and we can understand the long held traditions involved, but we wanted to give men an opportunity to see some of the choices available for male bands as well. We’d love to help some more. Stop by our downtown San Diego location and let us answer any questions you might have. We’ll do everything we can to earn your trust. We’re a small family business, and we want to make you a customer for life.


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