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Deciding on Your Semi Mount Engagement Ring's Metal

Women's 14K White Gold Natural Diamond Engagement Rings Semi-Mounting
Women's 14K White Gold Natural Diamond Engagement Rings Semi-Mounting

You probably understand how important your GIA certified diamond is when it comes time to choose your engagement ring, but the precious metal you pick is also very important. Diamonds are designed to reflect light, and the metal you choose will interact with the stone and alter the way the light reflects. Let’s look at the most popular metals.


Gold and platinum are just about equally rare, but platinum is disbursed more widely over the planet, and that makes it more difficult to mine. It’s naturally white and that makes it display a diamond beautifully. It’s very durable and will stay beautiful for a very long time. It’s hypoallergenic just like gold, so for most people, it won’t irritate the skin. Platinum is best with very transparent diamonds in a setting that will reflect a great deal of the mounting.

Yellow Gold

Gold is naturally yellow. It’s a softer metal so it’s almost always mixed with other metals for strength. In general, “yellow” gold is between sixty-five and seventy percent gold when used for an engagement ring. Yellow gold will add yellow reflections to your diamond, so you can get away with a diamond of inferior clarity (more yellow in the stone) when you use a yellow gold band.

White Gold

Yellow gold becomes white gold when the surface is plated with rhodium. Like platinum, white gold will work best with very clear diamonds, and a white gold engagement ring wonderful displays elegance and beauty. Eventually, the coating wears away with white gold but we can help you with rhodium re-plating when you start to see the original yellow color.

Rose Gold

The third most popular color of gold is rose. Rose gold is colored pink because of a copper alloy added to the metal. The more copper added, the deeper the rose color will be. Rose gold also lets you get by with a diamond of lower clarity than you’d want with platinum or white gold. It’s growing in popularity because of the romantic connotations to the pink color.

If you’re ready to buy an engagement ring in San Diego, we’re eager to help. We’re a third generation jeweler, so we have the skill and experience to help you. We’re also a small family business. That means we want to make you a customer for life!


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