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Could It Be A Clue?

Womens 14k Rose Gold 1.00 Carat Natural Diamond Engagement Ring
Womens 14k Rose Gold 1.00 Carat Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

We hate to ruin the surprise, but here at San Diego County Engagement Rings, we give plenty of prospective grooms advice about preparing to ask the question. We don’t want to give it away, but if your boyfriend is displaying this behavior…well, there’s a chance there are wedding bells in your future.

Financially Responsible Behavior Is Now a Priority

Have you noticed he’s not so interested in picking up all those expensive toys anymore? He’s cut back on the extra trips to Starbucks, maybe? He’s cutting down on the fast food and making meals at home more often? Maybe he’s even carpooling to save on gas. We always counsel our customers to spend only what they can afford when they buy an engagement ring, and it just might be he’s saving up some money so he can buy you a beautiful GIA certified diamond and put it on a beautiful band of platinum or gold.

He Has a Sudden Interest in Your Jewelry

We can certainly make an engagement ring based on a guess about your size, but we still tell prospective grooms to get a bit sneaky if that’s what it takes to find out your ring size. You might have wondered why he was snooping in your jewelry box or asking you about your class ring. He’s also trying to get an idea about the styles you prefer, so don’t get too suspicious if he suddenly wants to know if you prefer white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold.

Naturally, your boyfriend could be doing all of these things for completely different reasons, but we hope he’s getting ready to pop the question, and we hope when the time comes for an engagement ring in San Diego, lots of boyfriends come to us for advice. Listen. If it looks like he’s getting ready to ask, don’t let on that you know! Play along. We’re a third generation jeweler, and we’ve been through this before. Trust us on this. You’ll be happier if you don’t ruin the surprise.


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