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How to Choose the Perfect Diamond

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

An Engagement Ring with a GIA Certified Pear-Shaped Diamond
An Engagement Ring with a GIA Certified Pear-Shaped Diamond

At Wedding Rings San Diego, we have decades of experience buying, sorting, and grading diamonds. Sometimes it feels like we live and breathe diamonds every single day. We’re direct diamond importers and we cut out all the middlemen and even get our pick of the supplies our buyers in Europe acquire. We know how to pick the most beautiful and brilliant diamonds.

Unless you’re a jeweler, you likely don’t have that kind of experience (and we think we have a great deal more experience than most jewelers) so you may feel a bit intimidated. Do you have to memorize the “Four Cs”? Do you have to understand fire and brilliance? Round cut, oval cut, princess cut—with all these choices what in the world are you supposed to do?

There is plenty of basic information available on the Internet to help you with specifics such as basic diamond cuts, clarity, and more. Ultimately, though, the choice of a diamond is very much related to your particular personality, your particular needs, and your particular budget.

This is why we always suggest you work with a personal jeweler when the time comes. We can help you choose and offer helpful information to help you stay within your limits. (For example, did you know you can get an array of small diamonds that together weigh more than a carat but will cost you substantially less than a one carat solitaire?)

Of course we’d love for you to come see us, but if you choose not to come here please find a reputable jeweler, someone who can ask the right questions and help you navigate the river of options. We’d love to have the chance to show you how committed we are to your satisfaction. We’re a third generation jeweler, a small family business, and we want to earn your trust and make you a customer for life.


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