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Add a Little Color to Your Engagement

Womens Natural Blue Sapphire & Diamonds Engagement Ring
Womens Natural Blue Sapphire & Diamonds Engagement Ring

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” ― Coco Chanel

For some time, we’ve refused to carry and fancy designer jewelry. Every so often, a big brand name comes to us and tries to convince us to stock their products, but we just don’t do it. We think there are some beautiful pieces out there, but we just don’t think it makes sense for someone to pay twice as much for something because of a fancy name. We manufacture all of our own jewelry, and a great deal of it finds inspiration from some of the fancy designers, but we think engagement rings are too special to be focused on any name other than the names of the happy couple!

See, to us, the engagement ring isn’t about making a trendy fashion statement, it’s about making a statement about the couple involved. It symbolizes the individuals involved and their relationship. To us, that’s what’s important. That’s why we think an engagement ring should be uniquely beautiful. Your loved one didn’t come off an assembly line, and we don’t think your ring should either! This is one of the reasons we enjoy helping couples who choose a colored stone rather than a diamond for their engagement rings.

There’s nothing wrong with a diamond, and we make unique rings with diamonds. In fact, a diamond will always be the most durable gemstone, which is important when you plan on wearing your ring every waking moment. (Sapphires and their relatives are very close in hardness to a diamond, so they’re good for daily wear as well, but be careful with opals or pearls.) We love, however, when someone breaks out of the mold and chooses a stone that reflects them. We’ve made ruby engagement rings, garnet engagement rings, yellow sapphire engagement rings, and more. We love the way the couples involved care more about something that reflects them than fitting in with the norm.

I put a quote from Coco Chanel at the top of this post, and I did that because she was one of the most adamant believers in being a unique individual. She didn’t fit any mold at all! In fact, she refused to be thought of as “just a woman” and lived her life by her rules. So much of the fashion world owes her a debt of gratitude, and the funny thing is that she never wanted fashion to be about everyone behaving the same way and looking the same way! She celebrated the individual. She thought for herself. Aloud.

We can help you do the same. Come on in and let us show you the options available to you. You can tell everyone you’re in love while still celebrating your individuality with a colored ring. We’d love to help.


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