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We Can Help You with an Engagement Ring Replacement (A Tale of Progression)

Womens 18k White Gold Natural Diamond Engagement Ring
Women's 18k White Gold Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

Kendra was so excited about the new job interview. They had flown her first-class out of town, which was pretty exciting and even glamorous. She pulled out all the stops with a very attractive but still responsible business suit, fabulous high-heeled pumps, and just the right amount of jewelry to accessorize without seeming gaudy. On the plane, she thumbed through a magazine, sipped a cocktail, and as she usually did, lifted up her hand to the window so she could see the light glint off her engagement ring. Her heart sank. Her ring finger was bare.

She’d spent the night in a hotel by the airport because the flight was so darned early, and she didn’t want to miss traffic. Now, she felt tears welling up. The plane had wifi available, so she sent a horribly humiliating email to her fiancé. She felt better with his response. David said he’d check with the hotel but that he loved her and no gold or diamond was more important than that. It helped, but it was still strange to look at her hand and not see the tangible reminder of their relationship.

The plane landed, and as she hailed a cab, Kendra called David but got no answer. That wasn’t surprising given his demanding work schedule. Nonetheless, she still fretted. Finally, she decided she’d have to put it all out of her mind. She was miles away from home and she had four days of interviews, tests, and more in front of her before she’d be home. She arrived at the company determined to put her thoughts behind her, but she was failing miserably. Then came the text from David:


Relief flooded her and with that reassurance she handled the interviews with ease. Four days later, she arrived back home and in only an hour she was home. David smiled and hugged her and handed her a box. He hadn’t found her ring at all. It was lost forever but he’d replaced it. Hopefully, insurance would cover the costs but if not, he considered it a small price to pay for her happiness. Kendra threw her arms around him and laughed.

“Honey, if insurance doesn’t pay, I will. I got the job!”


At Levi Family Jewelers, we know how difficult it can be when you lose something so valuable to you. See, we understand that an engagement ring isn’t about the gold and the diamond. It’s about the relationship it commemorates. If you need to have yours replaced, understand that we’ll do all we can to make the experience wonderful for you. One of our GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals will help you to get exactly what you need.

We’re a third generation jeweler, and we take the emotions behind jewelry seriously. We’re also a small family business, and that makes us dedicated to customer satisfaction. Won’t you drop by and give us the opportunity to help? We’re conveniently located in downtown San Diego, and you’ll be glad you came to our showroom.


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