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Unusual Proposals

Man proposing to his girlfriend with a diamond engagement ring

There is nothing average or typical about your lady, so your proposal should be anything but traditional! If you’re the guy who thinks outside the box, then proposing to your girlfriend is going to be an unforgettable event that will knock the socks off everyone who hears about it.

Fulfill Her Dream

Is there something that your girlfriend wants to do that she’s never done before? Maybe it’s something as daredevil as skydiving. Perhaps she always wanted to go to Florida to visit Disney World, or she dreamed of going to the Hearst Castle but never got a chance to. Plan a day with her when you both do what she dreamed of doing, so that she won’t suspect anything of your proposal. When the right moment comes, catch her off guard with the ring of her dreams.

All the World’s a Stage

This may sound crazy, but it’s happened before – a man proposes to his girlfriend in a movie theatre. This is guaranteed to catch her off guard because she’s thinking she’s going to the movies with you on a Friday night. Little does she know, you had worked everything out with the manager of the theatre and got some help from friends to put together a video that shows every special moment you’ve had together and everything you love about her. Whether the theatre is filled with family or friends or strangers, this would be a proposal that no one will forget!

Get Out of Town

Tell your girlfriend you’re going away on a business trip for a few days. While you are “away,” arrange some a special dinner or get-away with her friends so that when you make your “special guest appearance,” she will be totally thrown off and not know what to do. If you do this around Halloween, you can arrive at a party in a costume and she will have no idea who you are until you surprise her with a drop on one knee.

If you have any questions about proposals and engagement rings, feel free to swing by San Diego’s best engagement ring store! We’re a small family business, and our associates will be more than happy to assist you with ideas for your special day. As a third generation jeweler, we know how important this is to you, and we’re dedicated to making you a customer for life.


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