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Two Reasons to Buy Rolex GMT Master

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date GMT Master II Men's Watch
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date GMT Master II Ref: 126710BLNR

One of the most innovative models in the Rolex catalogue is the Rolex GMT Master. This watch was developed because Pan American Airlines asked Rolex to create a watch that could display the time in two different times zones simultaneously. Back in 1950, there weren’t wristwatches that did that. There also weren’t the devices we have today that accomplish that for us with ease. Given it is so easy to see the time across multiple time zones today, is it still a good idea to buy a Rolex GMT Master? Here are two reasons to consider purchasing this incredible watch.

The GMT Master Is a Piece of History

After the request from Pan Am, Rolex worked diligently. The very first model of the GMT Master was released four years later. The name came from Greenwich Mean Time, which is the standard time from which all time zones are calculated. (Today, that time is called Coordinated Universal Time—UTC.) This watch, created for pilots, made a dramatic difference as air travel expanded. The effect of accurately determining time zone differences and immediate display cannot be overstated. The GMT Master was the first, and the impact on timekeeping is still felt today.

The GMT Master Has a Striking Design

Few watches can claim the aesthetics of a Rolex GMT Master. Originally designed with a black dial or a white dial so Pan Am could have one color worn by pilots and another by ground crews, the model has seen several incremental additions to the design. Today, there are a wide variety of options to the model but the remarkable bezel, set in two colors to differentiate a.m. and p.m. remains the eye-catching and memorable feature. In fact, the GMT Master Rolex Pepsi, with blue and red on the bezel, is one of the most beautiful watches ever made.

These are only two reasons to buy a GMT Master but there are countless others. The technology within the watch is impressive and the watch is perfect for either formal wear or for more casual wear. The watch is so popular that Rolex authorized dealers have waitlists with wait times as long as three years. Many turn to the secondary market, and if you do that, you can certainly get one of these beauties on your wrist. It will cost you a premium, though. Make sure you deal with a reputable and trustworthy pre-owned Rolex seller.


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