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Two Great Reasons to Buy a Rolex Explorer II

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Explorer II Men's Watch
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Explorer II Ref: 216570

There may be no other brand in the world that can claim involvement in such a breadth of human adventures and achievements as Rolex. The Rolex Explorer became famous because it traveled to the peak of Mount Everest when that summit was reached for the first time. The Explorer is a wonderful watch but if you’re in the market for a fine Swiss mechanical timepiece, it makes sense for you to consider the Rolex Explorer II. Here are two great reasons this watch belongs on your wrist.

The Rolex Explorer Has Robust Functionality.

Rolex makes a wide variety of tool and sport watches, watches designed with a purpose and functionality driven by the activity or endeavor at hand. Heavily influenced by subterranean exploration, the Rolex Explorer II features crown guards, an immovable bezel and an extra, orange-colored (newer models are red) hour hand to separate AM from PM. The design is intended to allowed subterranean exploration where day and night have no meaning. . The change increased the popularity of the Rolex Explorer II as those seeking adventure also sought efficiency and durability in the timepieces available to them. Later, a state-of-the-art jump hour feature was added. This allows time to be set without moving the minute or second hands, a dramatic departure from typical mechanical watches. With additional functionality such as waterproofing to a depth of thirty feet and extra-rugged construction, this watch is the perfect accompaniment to any adventure.

The Rolex Explorer Is Beautiful

With a 41mm case and the classy Rolex Mercede’s style hands on either a black or white dial, this watch makes a striking impact. It’s elegant and classy and the extra hour hand adds an interesting detail to the look. The beautiful Oysterlock bracelet completes that look. There is rugged elegance in this watch, and though it is not designed as a dress watch, it is perfectly appropriate. In many ways, the design seems restrained, and that is part of the appeal. It is elegant while almost commanding the eye with the reality that what is there is so much more than what is immediately visible. It makes a powerful statement while simultaneously appearing to make no statement at all. Of course, regardless of the appearance of the watch, the Explorer II is yet another perfect marriage of form and functionality from Rolex.

If you are planning on buying a Rolex Explorer II, you can expect waitlists at authorized Rolex dealers of between eight and eighteen months. If you want one sooner, you can look on the secondary market. Be prepared to pay above retail there and makes sure you deal with a trustworthy pre-owned Rolex seller.


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