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Three Reasons to Buy a Rolex Explorer

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer Men's Watch
Rolex Explorer Ref: 114270

If you’re thinking about buying a Rolex, you may be trying to decide which model will work for you. It may be you want something flashy or perhaps you want a watch that exemplifies the reason Rolex is the most iconic and respected brand of luxury timepiece worldwide. One model you will want to seriously consider is the Rolex Explorer. Here are three reasons why this particular Rolex ought to be high on your list.

The Rolex Explorer Is Very Historically Significant

The Explorer is well-loved by horology enthusiasts because it was the first wristwatch to reach the peak of Mount Everest. That accomplishment means the Explorer is highly sought after even today. While a great many Rolex watches celebrate achievement and exploratory activity (like the Deep Sea Dweller or the Submariner) and have significant historical value, none can claim the universally appealing climb to the top of Everest, a celebrated first in human history with a celebrated watch there at the summit, too.

The Rolex Explorer Is a Beautiful Watch

The most current model of the Explorer sports a 36 mm case in steel with a polished bezel, an Oysterlock bracelet, and a black dial with engraved numbers. In fact, one of the most recognizable features of the Rolex Explorer is its celebrated dial. Today’s models have the very popular and distinctive “Mercedes” arrows on the hands. Variations of the explorer have gold on the dial as well as tritium. There are special models such as the Air King and the Space Dweller have a look distinct from the standard Explorers but are nonetheless stunning like the original.

The Rolex Explorer Is a Marvel of Timekeeping Technology

This is, really, true of all Rolex watches. The commitment to timekeeping excellence and adherence to strict quality standards is legendary with the Rolex company, and the Explorer is no exception. With it’s remarkable internal components manufactured with precision and care and assembled by hand, the watch exemplifies the best of Rolex when it comes to functionality so beneath the historical glow and the external shine there is a third aspect of true beauty involved.

If you would like to buy a Rolex explorer, be prepared for wait times ranging from six months to two years. You can be sure it will be worth the wait. If you decide to bypass the wait and purchase an explorer on the secondary market, make sure to deal with a trustworthy pre-owned Rolex seller.


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