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The Perfect Proposal

Womens 14k Yellow Gold Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring
Women's 14k Yellow Gold Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring

Is there such a thing as “the perfect proposal”? What’s perfect for one couple may not be perfect for you. Planning something as monumental as a marriage proposal requires much thought and research. It typically involves choosing the ring, choosing the location, and choosing how you will pop the question when that moment comes. What is the best way to catch her off guard?

Get Creative

Your bride will shine the spotlight on you every time someone asks her how she got engaged. If you really want to “wow” her friends, family and acquaintances, make sure you capture every moment of the proposal. If she’s a city girl, take her to some fabulous skyscraper overlooking the city where you could see everything without tall buildings obstructing your view. The closer the building is to the waters, the better. It could be inside some fancy five-star restaurant with top-notch ambiance overlooking the city, or it could be an elegant upscale restaurant situated above the ocean where you could see boats, the night lights, or some landscape in the distance. If she loves nature, take her to the countryside that you guys have never been before, and amaze her with the natural beauty of a waterfall, fields, mountains or ocean.

It’s All in the Details

One way to sweep a woman off her feet is to show how much you care in the details. From her favorite flower to her favorite time of the day, every second counts. Do you remember her favorite song? Do you have a place where you shared a special moment together?

Keep It on the Down-Low

Before you buy the ring or come up with the location for the proposal, don’t tell anyone except for one other, perhaps your Best Man. Such planning should be in secret. The more people you tell, the more likely someone may have a slip of the tongue and ruin the surprise.

As San Diego’s family jeweler, we are here to meet your needs and answer any questions you may have about proposals and purchasing an engagement ring. Please don’t hesitate to call or stop by our showroom! We’re a third generation jeweler, a small family business dedicated to earning your trust and making you a customer for life.


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