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The Perfect Place, the Perfect Time, and the Perfect Ring

Womens 14k White Gold Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring
Women's 14k White Gold Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring

We can’t imagine anything more excitement than that moment when someone drops to one knee and pops the big question. It’s such an astounding and wonderful moment, and we considered ourselves privileged to hear about so many of them and even to get to be a part of some of them. It seems like everyone wants to propose in the most perfect way possible, and why not? After all, it’s a momentous occasion and it deserves that kind of attention. We’re a third generation jeweler, and we love to hear all of the stories that come in with our customers.

For an engagement in San Diego, there are so many wonderful places to propose. We’ve dedicated entire posts to some of the possibilities, and we could probably write a hundred of them and still not scratch the surface. Whether you’re looking for a lovely ocean view or want to propose in the splendor and natural beauty of Balboa Park, the one thing you won’t find is any difficulty finding a special place. There are plenty of San Diegans who choose to propose at a Padres game, and all we can say is, “Play ball!” In fact, San Diego might just have the most perfect options when it comes to choosing a place to pop the question.

Naturally, you’ll find that timing is important. You’ll want to find a way to surprise your special someone, and ask while the shock of the situation is just dawning! Think about all the proposals you’ve seen in movies and on television. The look on that surprised face is just perfect! Of course, we mostly get to see the couple before the question’s asked but we sure do fill our heads with what we imagine it looked like.

We may not be able to help you with the time and place, but we know for a fact we can help you choose the perfect engagement ring. We’re a third generation jeweler and we’ve helped thousands of people get it right. We’re also a small family business, and we’re dedicated to earning your business for life.


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