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The Dowry – How This Impacts Your Budget

Womens 14k White Gold Natural Black & White Diamonds Engagement Ring
Women's 14k White Gold Natural Black & White Diamonds Engagement Ring

Does anyone still give a dowry these days? It doesn’t hurt to ask. Consider her relationship with her parents and her family’s social or financial status. Do they seem pretty stable and responsible? Have they always taken care of their daughter before she met you? If her parents are still together and they seem like they still get along, that could be a good sign. Without prying into her family’s private affairs, you could observe your bride-to-be’s interactions with her family. How do they treat each other? Does your loved one complain about her family a lot? Is it characterized by drama or serenity? Are they open or private? How do her parents treat you?

If you have established a good rapport with her parent or parents, don’t be afraid to ask for a dowry. Any bit of financial assistance would help, especially in this day and age. Times are rough. This is all about taking care of their daughter, anyway, so unless they are in financial dire straits, why would they hesitate to donate a chunk of money to get that diamond ring?

Whether the dowry is a little or a lot, parents will feel more entitled to have their say in the way the wedding (or engagement) should go. Be prepared! Are you ready to work alongside with her parents in planning the engagement and wedding? What if you don’t see eye-to-eye? Asking for a dowry may mean less financial strain on your wallet but it may also be an invitation for their opinions, whether you like it or not. The seamless teamwork potential depends on your existing relationship with her family. Maybe this is your chance to redeem yourself, or perhaps it is a chance to strengthen your established trust.

When you are ready to buy an engagement ring – with or without dowry – we are ready to help! Stop by San Diego’s best engagement ring store and allow our experts to assist you! We’ll do our best to turn you into a customer for life, both with our fair prices and our knowledge as a third generation jeweler.


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