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Selling Diamonds: Understanding How A value Is Reached

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

It has always been the case that when money is tight people will look at selling diamonds in order to raise some short-term cash. The reason as to why they are so popular is of course because of their value along with the fact that they look fantastic, but some people mistakenly believe that the bigger the diamond then the bigger the price when in actual fact this may not always be the case.

Instead, your diamonds will be checked for several things, although size does play a part, but if you are indeed looking at selling them, then it makes sense to go to somebody that you know you can trust and who will tell you the truth about what you own. The sums of money that can be involved has led to a number of more unscrupulous dealers who will look more towards lining their own pockets rather than being fair, so a bit of knowledge can certainly go a long way.

Preparing to Sell Your Diamond

First, there is of course the number of carats in the diamond as this does play a part in how much it is worth when selling diamonds. Obviously the higher the number the bigger the price and even just a small difference, from 1.8 to 2 for example, can add a lot more money to the value. When you take your diamonds to be appraised you should then be told how many carats it is and never be afraid to ask for it to be explained to you in order to check that the information is indeed correct.

However, it is entirely possible for you to own a diamond that has a higher number of carats and be worth less than a small diamond. Why? Because another important factor is whether or not the diamond is perfect as any small flaw can have a major impact on the price. The issue is then complicated even further when you consider the color, the clarity, the brilliance, and even the cut and all of this has led to there being thousands of different categories just for diamonds alone. No wonder that it is impossible for you to value it by yourself and instead need the eye of an expert to do it for you.

Selling a diamond is, therefore, a complex business and if you are in the San Diego area it makes sense to only take your diamonds to a company you can trust. We can appraise your jewelry, explain how we reached that figure and offer you a fair price for whatever it is that you own. We’re diamond experts, a small family business with one goal in mind—to win you as a customer for life.


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