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How to Sell Jewelry You Have Inherited

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

It can often be the case that we inherit various pieces of jewelry after a relative passes away, but what happens if you do not actually want to own it? Clearly you will find it difficult to tell them that you are not interested and, therefore, take ownership of it, but you do have the option of selling it to then use the money in a way that you feel is more befitting of the person.

The problem with this is that you will know next to nothing about the item, so it makes sense to take it to an expert who will not only tell you more about the piece, but can also tell you what it is worth. It is often quite surprising how an apparently insignificant item can result in so much cash, but considering the current market prices of precious metals such as silver, platinum, and especially gold, then you may have just inherited a nice amount of cash.

So what kind of things can be sold? In all honesty as long as there is some kind of precious metal or precious stone, even semi-precious in some instances, then there will be some value to the piece and watches of various makes will also have a value. How much it is worth depends on the quality of the item and its condition, along with who made, it, but that is why you need to take it to a professional who you can trust rather than someone that is just going to con you and pay only a fraction of its market value.

All that you need to do is to take it along, have it checked out, ask any questions you may have regarding it, and then see if you like the price or not. By rights, you should not be put under any undue pressure to accept the price quoted as it is entirely your decision and yours alone.

So if you have indeed inherited some items of jewelry, live in the San Diego area, and would love to trade them in for some cash, then bring them to us for an honest appraisal and a fair price. We will not just tell you what it is worth without some kind of an explanation as to how we reached that price and with no obligation to then sell the choice as to whether you leave with money or not is entirely up to you.


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