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Score a Home Run when You Pop the Question

Womens 14k White Gold Princess Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring
Women's 14k White Gold Princess Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Baseball. It’s the great American pastime and going to a ballgame with family or friends is something just about everyone has at least one memory of. We always root for the home team and here in San Diego that’s the Padres. Many a baseball fan has walked through our door to find the perfect ring for that special someone. Some ask for advice on how to propose and others give us their take on just what made their proposal truly one of a kind. Either way, it’s fun to mix baseball and marriage and the two go together a lot more than you think.

For instance, do you want to find a truly outrageous and unbelievable way to tell your sweetie that she’s the only one for you? One word pal: Jumbotron. That massive blimp that floats over the stadium and announces to the entire world that your lover is the only girl you ever want to be with and you want to be with them for the rest of your life, is enough to make any sports chick go ballistic for you.

But what if she’s not the outgoing type? If putting her name up in lights on a blimp is going to make her more uncomfortable than emotional, then you might want to consider a more personal and less public approach. A classic baseball proposal is the hot dog with a ring in it. Whether you get the hot dog vendor in on the trick or if you go in line and pick up your meal yourself, you’d best believe she won’t forget the time she looked down at her meal and saw the most beautiful ring in the world staring back up at her.

Whether you decide to propose at a Padres game or not, we want to be there for you when you decide to pick out the perfect engagement ring. As a family owned third generation jeweler, we make it our duty to do our very best to make sure that you want to be a customer for life.


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