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Rolex Models - Rolex Explorer II

Updated: May 6, 2022

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Explorer II Ref: 216570 Mens Watch
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Explorer II Ref: 216570

Rolex has made well-reputed wristwatches for every occasion and adventure known to humankind, from extravagant social events to adventuring in rugged territories. Cave exploration is not excluded from having its own representative timepiece; in fact, the innovative Rolex Explorer II was designed specifically for such a bold and exciting endeavor.

The Rolex Explorer II, also known as model 1655, featured crown guards and an engraved, immovable bezel. An extra, orange-colored hour hand clearly separated the AM and the PM; later on, the color was changed to red in order to make it easier for cave explorers to see the extra hour hand without straining their eyes in the darkness of the cave, where orange proved to be a harsh color. The change increased the popularity of the Rolex Explorer II as those seeking adventure also sought efficiency and durability in the timepieces available to them.

By the middle of 1985, the Rolex Explorer II had been fitted with several new improvements, including a standard 40mm case, classy Mercedes style hands, the choice between a magnificent black and or white dial, and a state-of-the-art jump hour feature. These fantastic and worthwhile improvements made the Explorer II more popular than it had been before. In fact, the jump hour feature greatly contributed to the increased demand for the magnificent Rolex Explorer II due to a function that allowed the wearer of the stunning wristwatch to set the hour hand forward or backward by the hour without causing a disturbance to the minute and the second hands. The possessor of the Rolex Explorer II could easily and quickly set the time to match the appropriate time zone while maintaining the accuracy of the time.

Several brilliant Rolex Explorer II models are available to consumers and the worldwide markets to this day. Currently, the most popular model is an exquisite timepiece that features a self-winding function as well as a beautiful Oysterlock bracelet with a safety clasp. Waterproof for a depth of up to 330 feet, the Rolex Explorer II is the perfect watch for those who enjoy the pastime of exploring ancient caves of the world and the ever-growing sport and hobby of cave diving. It is truly and indisputably the watch of choice for spelunkers and cave divers who are looking for a durable timepiece that is backed by Rolex’s proud tradition and legacy of precision and dependability.

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