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Rolex in the Media - The Murder Mystery

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Rolex has always been associated with precise and reliable timepieces and has earned the reputation of being perhaps the best wristwatch available on the market. However, the well-regarded company has been associated with famous events that have made their way into the never-ending pages of history. Among these events is the infamous and nerve-wracking murder mystery that took place as recently as 1996 and is still considered one of the most captivating murder cases to have ever taken place in the 20th Century.

It was this murder case in which a Rolex Oyster Perpetual contributed to the essential identification of a murder victim and eventually, after a long investigation, eventually led to the one who had murdered the victim. The investigation started when a fisherman on the famed English Channel netted a surprising catch of the day—a dead nearly unidentifiable human body that had been nearly completely decomposed because of the water. However, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual led the British police and everybody else involved in the long and arduous investigation to identify the remains as those of a Mr. Ronald Joseph Platt. The watch calendar also helped the investigators determine the day and time of death with only a minuscule margin of error thanks to the movement used by Rolex, which had a reserve of up to three days of operation when not active and a fully waterproof feature.

Now knowing who the rather unfortunate victim was and the date and time Mr. Ronald Platt had been brutally murdered, British police and investigators only had one more piece to place in the puzzle every murder case has: the enigmatic identity of the cold-blooded killer. It was only a short period of time until they finally found Albert Johnson Walker, a Canadian investor who allegedly embezzled millions from his numerous investors. He had been in the process of assuming a brand new identity after covertly fleeing to England when he killed Ronald Joseph Platt. In fact, when Albert Walker was finally apprehended by officials, he had been living under the guise and story of a happily married man, with his 15 year old daughter Sheena Walker posing as his young and beautiful wife.

Thanks to Rolex and the determination of the investigators and British police, justice was served and a murderer was put behind bars. The media, who had followed the case closely, placed credit where it was due and Rolex made yet another bold mark in history.

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