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Is It Safe to Buy a Pre-Owned Rolex Online?

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date GMT-Master II, Ref: 116713 Men's Watch
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date GMT-Master II, Ref: 116713

With the surging excitement about Rolex timepieces over the last five years as well as the expansion of e-commerce and growing comfort levels with making large purchases online, a number of websites have Rolex watches available for sale. Is it safe to buy a Rolex online? The simple answer is that it’s safe as long as you put in the work to make it safe.

Research the Seller when Buying Online

When you buy a pre-owned Rolex, you are really buying the seller and with a purchase like a fine Swiss Mechanical timepiece it is more important than ever to make sure you have the right seller. A good seller will have a business operation you can understand. If you buy from a site such as Etsy, eBay, or Craigslist, remember they only facilitate the sale. The actual seller is the entity which will send your watch to you. Check them out with the Better Business Bureau. See if they have a brick and mortar location. Review their feedback on the site in question. Make sure they seem real without red flags such as requiring payment via bank wire. It isn’t a bad idea to ask any seller to agree to an escrow period with an online escrow company. The number one risk you will face buying a Rolex online has to do with the seller from whom you buy, so that should be your first priority.

Research the Model when Buying Online

The wonderful thing about the Internet is that it allows fairly easy research into pricing, especially where Rolex’s are concerned. Look at pricing offered in various sites to get a bead on the fairness of a listed price. In addition, you’ll want to research what authenticity guarantees a seller will give you. Does the watch come with papers? Does it come with the original materials from Rolex? Does an outside agency attest to the authenticity of the watch? All of these questions are critical when it comes to purchasing online.

Pay with a Major Credit Card or PayPal

Avoid bank wires unless you are using an escrow company. This gives you an additional layer of protection against fraud or ill intent. In fact, if a seller demands you pay with a bank wire, a wire service like Western Union, or another way that offers you no recourse, that’s a big red flag that you won’t be getting what you’re paying for.

The truth is, buying a Rolex is safe as long as you use the same standard of care with your purchase that you might if buying at a brick and mortar location. Above all, you need a trustworthy pre-owned Rolex seller to be involved.


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