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How to Ensure Your Engagement Ring Is Special

Womens 18k White Gold Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring
Women's 18k White Gold Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring

Want to add a personal touch to your engagement ring? Why not create your own design? Since we manufacture our own jewelry, we can help you with a custom design you’ll love. Here are some ideas.

  • Skip the center diamond – Since most engagement rings have a center diamond, your ring would definitely look unique without it. Replace the center diamond with a unique ring band or add colored gemstones. Make your ring stand out with a vibrant-colored gemstone or alternate gemstones of different colors with small white diamonds in between. Add variety with stones of different sizes and cuts to create a pattern or form that speaks to your heart.

  • Sleek ring band – The definition of “sleek” depends on you. You can keep it super simple with a slim band that has no design so that the diamond stands out, or you can accentuate the band with small diamonds that add to the style of the center diamond.

  • All in the details -- Who said that engagement rings and wedding bands have to match? The latest trend is mix-and-match: complement your wedding band with an engagement ring that is strikingly different in style. You can make the wedding band simple with an elaborate engagement ring that shows off an intricate design or you can wear the wedding band and engagement ring on different hands. Choose from modern or antique settings, or combine modern with antique.

Come by our showroom in San Diego, where you will find a gorgeous assortment of engagement rings that fit your style or create a custom design with our friendly experts! We’ll do our very best to make you a customer for life with our fair prices and excellent service. It’s all a part of what separates us as a third generation jeweler from the competition.


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