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How to Choose a Wedding Planner

Wedding Ceremony Stage

Weddings are difficult to plan. There are so many factors involved in the planning of a wedding that a person or group of people can easily find themselves overwhelmed. Even the most organized person will find the unusual task of planning his or her own wedding a daunting and often frustrating endeavor. Instead of planning your own wedding you can follow the lead of many couples every year who hire a wedding planner.

Wedding planners are professional event coordinators who are specifically experienced in planning weddings. They usually handle ceremonies where the guest list is large and the ceremony and reception have many moving parts. If you are planning to have a wedding that is larger than usual or if you would just prefer to leave the planning of your wedding to a trained professional, finding the right wedding planner for you is job number one.

You can and should approach your search for a wedding planner much in the same way you go about finding a contractor of any kind. If you are like most people, the search starts by reaching out to trusted friends and family to see if they have any insight into the issue. Chances are that someone you know has had experience with wedding planners and can either recommend a planner, recommend against a certain planner, or give you tips that you can use as you search for and later work with your wedding planner.

Your wedding planner will be in charge of planning the details of your wedding from the large themes of the ceremony down to the seating chart at the reception. In order to feel comfortable relinquishing all of that authority you will need to first feel comfortable with the taste and process of the planner. The only way to arrive at that level of comfort is to spend time with the planner and other staff. Once you get to hear their ideas and listen to accounts of the other weddings they’ve planned, you will be able to become settled and trusting that the planners that you eventually choose will be up to the task of turning your wedding day vision into a reality.

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