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How to Ask Your Girlfriend to Marry You

Marriage Proposal

There are certain situations in life that are so important that most of us spend a great deal of time trying to find ways to get it just right. Think about the times when you were heading toward a turning point in your life and found yourself searching for the best way to approach that ultimate moment. Events like interviewing for that job you want or school you’d like to attend. Planning those pitches can churn all sorts of anxiety in your stomach, but none are more anxious than the moment you ask your girlfriend to marry you. How you pop the question will not only determine whether or not she says yes, but the moment will become part of the lore of your marriage and a story that will be shared with family and friends for the rest of your lives.

Asking the biggest of all personal relationship questions should be approached with confidence. You should assume that provided you have already made your case throughout the course of your relationship thus far, asking the question is merely the final portion of your appeal. Only you know whether the groundwork has been properly laid; have you spent time together getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams, fears and goals? If so, you are well-positioned to take the next step in your relationship.

Another part of getting your proposal right is learning what makes your mate happy, what moves her and what she expects, and what she wants out of life and how able you are at helping her get there. All of these considerations are high-minded and deep aspects of your relationship but they should be considered first before and during your proposal planning.

Now, down to asking the question. Marriage proposals have seemingly been performed in every variation you could imagine. From the very grand and public bended knee moments to the private and romantic moments you’ve seen in movies and on TV, it’s all been done before. What will set your marriage proposal apart is in how you tailor your presentation to the themes that have run through the course of your relationship. Choosing the biggest spectacle for your proposal if your girlfriend is a private and easy embarrassed person will not go over well. On the contrary, if you have a gregarious gal who is impressed by grand and public displays of affection, you might consider making your request in spectacular fashion; say, at an event where there is an audience or among family and friends.

The basics of a proposal are the same wherever you choose to ask the most important question of your lives. Be sure to look into her eyes, express yourself clearly and honestly, touch her while you explain your reasons for choosing her, and take your time. Regardless of whether you’re on top of the Eiffel Tower or in your boxers in the middle of your living room floor, a heartfelt and thoughtful proposal is what every woman wants and if you pull it off, she’ll be impressed and remember your gift forever.

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